Our experience is deep and our expertise is broad. Repeatedly, we have proven our formula works.

As contractors, developers, property owners, and asset managers, our team has taken senior leadership roles in more than 200 large commercial property transactions, for which we have been entrusted with more than 4 billion in development and improvement strategies over a period of 30 years.

The Nieuw World team has worked extensively with banks and other lenders to improve the recovery rate from their NPLs and REO assets. Our restructuring services range from complex single assets to larger loan and property pools.

We also have wide-ranging experience in foreclosure, bankruptcy and receivership with success in resolving complicated inter-creditor agreements.

As a boutique firm, we can act quickly to provide the full commitment of our senior team members, who will set the strategy and execute a plan swiftly.


“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.“

- Abraham Maslow


Just like the sage advice of Dr. Maslow, we believe each challenge has an individual, and frequently, unique solution.

Unlike the “one size fits-all” algorithmic approach that is common among the large loan pool buyers, we tailor each solution.

Utilizing our Value Recovery Solution (VRS) tool, our recommendation may be a simple and clean, near-term sale or, it may include a detailed Business Plan to re-work and re-position the property in order to extract the highest value.

Typically, the large, loan-pool buyer program excludes the Lender or Seller from participating in the recovery’s upside. Considering the magnitude of the problem, or opportunity, we believe this is an inequitable and unsustainable approach and thus offer a more beneficial and inclusive method.


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