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Nieuw World Closes Its First Portfolio of Non Performing Loans in Italy

NPL Sales are on the rise in Italy as NWCM closes it first portfolio of five

New York, NY, April 21, 2018 -- NWCM LLC launches its new Italian NPL fund Arpista 1.

The Italian NPL fund will close an additional 5 portfolios totaling an approximate face value of 245 MM Euros, at an approximate 75% discount.

50 BN of NPL portfolios traded in 2017 at an approximate pricing target of 70% discount. Italy is on pace to meet or exceed that target in 2018. In 2016, Pimco and Uncredit successfully executed a 17 Billion Euro securitization Joint Venture.

The Italian economy has been criticized as a unpredictable market, however the senior partners believe that precedent has been set regarding the revaluation of assets in other countries through PE investment.

NWCM works with various UNHN and Private Equity Partners and has deep expertise in real estate development and construction. NWCM prides itself as a special situations buyer of assets in various countries.